New York Islanders

The history of the New York Islanders is full of twists and turns. They have had quite a few bounced as a franchise between different leagues. When they joined the NHL, they were among the most controversial and talked about teams.


To understand their story, one has to go back to the 1940s. The Islanders were originally based in the New York metropolitan area and were called the teams of the Eastern Amateur Hockey League. In the early days, they were considered a powerhouse and had some of the best players in the league. However, they quickly fell on hard times and were forced to move to Long Island in 1972.


Despite their struggles, the Islanders managed to make it to the NHL. Their first attempt failed, but they made it the second time around. The franchise had to wait until 1970 to make the playoffs, but they eventually made it to the Stanley Cup championship in 1972. They lost to the Montreal Canadiens in five games, but it was still an impressive accomplishment.


The Islanders managed to stay in the league for the next few years, but they wouldn’t have any success. They would make the playoffs again in 1976, but they couldn’t find a way to win. They would eventually move to North Carolina before returning to Long Island.


Even though they struggled, the Islanders stayed in the league. In 1994, they were placed in the Eastern Conference. They would make the playoffs in their first year back but could not make it past the first round.


1996 was the year that the Islanders managed to make a big splash. They became the first team to win the Stanley Cup on an outdoor ice surface. They beat the Montreal Canadiens in a nail-biter game that went to triple overtime.


Since then, the Islanders have had a few more playoff appearances but have yet to win the Stanley Cup. The team has struggled to sell off some of its stars in the past few years. However, they are still a Stanley Cup contender and hopeful for the future.